Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Presidential Election

I have had this be my profile picture on and off for the past while and last week Mitt Romney lost the election so I am officially taking it off for good as my profile picture on facebook but wanted to put it up one last time on my blog to document this moment. No matter who you voted for no one can deny that this baby girl (mine!!!) is adorable!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

9 months In- 9 months out

It has been 9 wonderful months since our sweet Alythia Sicily Brown joined our family. In honor of this occasion, I decided to do a picture overload of our maternity pictures that I never posted taken by my good friend and talented photographer Cathy Brand of Brand New Images Photography. Why the picture overload??? Cause we LLLLOOOVVVEEEE them all!!! Also, I am hoping that my 8 month hiatus from blogging is over and that by posting these pictures, I will eventually get around to posting my labor photos, ( consider yourself warned...don't check out that upcoming post unless you don't mind seeing what birth is all about...but don't worry my pictures are about as "modest" as one can get during the labor and delivery process) newborn pictures of Alythia and just in general get back into the blogging world!