Monday, July 26, 2010

Dream Vacation!!!

After a long hard week of packing up and moving to our new place, we were rewarded with a fun-filled week of vacation time to FLORIDA!!! We drove down to Orlando with my parents to take Kalai to Disneyworld for the first time! My mom did volunteer service and was able to get us all free tickets there. Thanks Mom! Kalai loved it which is a good thing since we went there to celebrate her birthday with the Familia side of the family. She esp. loved Pirates of the Caribbean (her first ride) and It's a Small World (her last ride). She loved looking around and see all the sites. It was a really fun age to take her because she was just soaking in all the information. She finally fell asleep during the Electric Light Parade on my parents laps. We took video footage of her so I will put a video up here later. After that, we drove down to PANAMA CITY!!!Michael's side of the family owns a beach house there and we were lucky enough to get to stay there for the week. It was fabulous to say the least! The ocean was warm, the sand was white, the sunsets were gorgeous and the company was great! We had a couple of friends from Birmingham (The Thornton's and the Stoddard's) join us for the week and it was a blast! We spent the whole week shopping, boogie boarding and tanning. Plus I had my parents there so that was an added plus! My mom cooked her way through The Pioneer Women Cookbook and also made her specialty and family fave- Tacos! So, lets just say, we ate pretty good that whole week. At the end of the week, we threw Kalai one last birthday party so she could celebrate her birthday with the Familia side and my parents got her the cutest gifts but I'm gonna have to post pictures of the gifts later...believe me, it's worth the wait! Also, I will post some pictures later of the big gift we gave Kalai. Anyways, here are some pictures of the trip. We got also got to have our family photos taken on the beach and I'm really happy with how they turned out. Thanks Dad! The rest of the pictures are of fun-filled vacation! I hope going to the beach house is a new tradition!


Here's a sneak pic of the photo shoot I did for my friends, the Thornton's, while at the beach. I have a few other photo shoots that I need to catch up on before I get to the rest of them.

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