Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby's 1st Christmas!!!

For about the past month Kalai and I have been kickin' it here in California!I can't believe I haven't been to California since Aug of 2007. Michael had to take Law School finals so we flew out here a couple weeks ahead of him and then he joined us later. He was ready for a vacation! And vacation we did! We have been so busy going around to Christmas parties/activities, homeschooling visits with my mom, and hanging out with the family and close friends. I for one have been loving my time in Cali and from the smiles and giggles from Kalai, I think she would agree too. She has been so spoiled with hugs and kisses from her grandparents, aunt, uncle, great-grandparents and family friends. We are sad that are vacation is coming to an end. In fact, we dropped off Michael at the airport already today so that he could have a few days of peace and quiet to get ahead in his studies before we head to Elkmont to spend New Years with his side of the family. For here is an overview of the past month.

Michael and I were given Wicked tickets for Christmas presents from my in-laws!!! So we spent the night in San Fran. and saw the most amazing musical. When Michael and I drove across the U.S. to move to Alabama, we bought the Wicked CD so that we would have something new and exciting to listen to as we were traveling. Ever since then, we have been obsessed with the music. And let me tell you, Wicked was SSSOOO wicked!!! The songs, sets, acting, costumes were fantastic and I couldn't take the smile off my face. So thanks Larry and Julie for the tickets! Thanks to my mom and dad who babysat Kalai during the play and who swear she didn't cry once. I think Michael and I were the happiest people in the theatre.

Also, we having been piggin' out at

We went to a good family friends wedding at the Oakland Temple. Rachel Stapp was sealed to Benjamin Betts. The wedding ceremony and reception was beautiful.

I also went to an old mission companion's wedding reception. Sister Sarah Svetz and I served together in Toronto, On. and she and Jeremy held their reception in Reno, Nevada. She didn't know we were coming so that was a fun surprise.
We also went to a yummy Mongolian grill while we were there. It was interesting because you could dish up your own plate and they would grill it on the grill right in front of you. But at this grill you could also make fijitas and italian pastas which is unusual at a mongolian grill.

This beautiful baby enjoyed her first Christmas!

She sat on Santa's lap and got spoiled by him too. This year from Santa we got a group gift. Santa gave us a brand new camera! So those of you who know me, know I am obsessed with taken pictures. This obsession is about to take on a whole new level.
From my parents we also got a book-a-month gift. This means we will be getting a book every month sent out to us. The book is picked out specifically for each person. Michael and I just bought a new bookcase but it looks like we will need a new one soon.
For a few weeks before Christmas, I have been working on different projects trying to have some homemade gifts made for Kalai. Here are somethings she was given by me and my mom.

Two homemade dresses (one reversible), an applique onesie, a puzzle with Kalai's footprints (for Michael and Kalai). Kalai also got some savings bonds, pajamas, clothes, bubbles, ornaments, book of the month membership, and toys. It was so fun to watch her open her gifts. She is working on her hand/eye coordination and she absolutely loves reaching for tissue paper and pulling it out of the gifts. This year was also special because we acted out the Nativity story (an old family tradition) and this year Kalai got to be baby Jesus.
There is so much more to tell except that this is getting long already. I'm just making up for lost time. I can't believe Kalai is 6 months old already. She turned 6 months old on Christmas Eve. It was so fun to have a baby in the family this year for Christmas. It definiately gave me a different perspective on Christmas. She is so wonderful and it was so nice to spend the Christmas season here in California with family and friends!

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The Wigginton Family said...

Hey you guys! It's Heather...remember me? I just found your blog and I'm SO excited. Your sweet baby girl is so cute. I love the pictures. What are you up to? Where are you living? Tell me everything! Check out my blog and our cute little guy. Isn't being parents great? Love to both of you!