Thursday, January 15, 2009

$ Mullah $

USDB has a program that if their employee does a personal development program in their own time, then they can earn an allotted sum. So tomorrow I am going to a conference for a few hours and am going to make 200 dollars! Big money!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new! Happy 2009!

Welcome to a new year! This Christmas, Michael and I went down south to spend the holidays with my in-laws. Of course they spoiled us the whole time. We had a great time spending our break in Alabama with Michael's family and his grandma. Here is a list of things we did:
* Session at The Birmingham Temple (Michael's cousin is going to Italy on his mission).
* Family Get- together/party.
*Christmas and New Year's Party( Thank you Larry and Julie for all the wonderful gifts!). Michael stained me a beautiful wood chest which I am still trying to figure out a good place to display it in my apartment.
*Toured University of Alabama Law School.
*Visited the Helen Keller Museum (which was neat since I am currently working as a Communication Intervener for the Deaf and Blind).
* Saw Indian Burial Grounds in Mississippi (that's one new state to check off my list).
* Went shopping at an outdoor mall, saw the movie The Valkyre, went bowling, and went out to eat to lots of good restaurants- One of our favorites was the Puerto Rican restaurant since Michael lived there for two years.
* Michael and went on a dessert date to a restaurant that we ate at during our honeymoon when we were staying in Alabama for the reception. We got fried ice cream and a chocolate chimichanga.
Below are pictures of us at the temple, The Helen Keller museum- by the pump where she learned her first sign, "water", at the Puerto Rican Restaurant, and the wood chest.
Best wishes from the Brown Family to you for a Happy New Year!