Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Samford Grad???

I think so!!!

For Christmas, Michael gave me the most amazing Christmas present! He handed me an envelope which read:


For your Christmas present I will give two hundred dollars to go towards the photography class of your choice (although this may not actually be as fun as it sounds, most of the classes have prerequisites). I will babysit Kalai during the times you have class or other class related activities. After you complete this first class if you would like to continue taking photography classes I will pay for half of any class that you would like to take and I will continue to watch Kalai so that you can attend. You can raise the other half through your photography appointments. If you are able to take enough classes (ten total) and meet the certificate requirements and once I have a full time job and we have a steady income then as a reward for your hard work in the Samford photography program I give $5000 to be used on the camera of your choice and any lenses or equipment that you will need.

I am very proud of you and love you very much. You make me very happy that you are my wife and you are a wonderful mother to Kalai. We love you!

Summary of Christmas Gift:

1. Free $200 towards the photography class of your choice.

2. Upon completion of first photography class I will pay half of any other class you want to take as long as it is towards completing the photography program.

3. If you complete the program and qualify for the photography certificate then when we have the money you may have $5000 to spend on the camera of your choice and any other photography equipment you need or desire to continue in photography.

Love always,


I was so happy/shocked/surprised when I read what was inside that I cried! I never imagined that an opportunity like this would become available but it has all fit into place. So basically, I am going back to school one night a week while Michael and Kalai go on a Daddy/Daughter Date. I am currently enrolled in Understanding Your Nikon and I am loving all the information. It has been an incredible experience and I couldn't have done it without the support and love from my husband. This is going to be an exciting and busy year for us! Here is some more information about the Samford Photography Certification Program.

Photography Certificate
The Samford After Sundown Photography program offers a certificate of achievement to students who have completed all required course work and successfully presented a portfolio for review. The certificate recognizes that the student has a broad background in photography and should be able to function at a high level as a photographer. Upon completion of the program, it is expected that students should be able to:
• Understand and operate the camera and peripheral equipment quickly and efficiently;
• Demonstrate a high degree of technical and artistic skills;
• Download or develop and manipulate the images—whether in a computer or in a traditional dark room environment—to achieve the look, the size and the format desired;
• Deliver high-quality output either as a printed image or a digital file.
General Course Requirements:
Completion of a core curriculum of courses including the following:
• Basic Photography
• Intermediate Photography
• The Art of Seeing
• A class in artificial lighting technique (At least one from the following presently offered courses. Please check with your advisor for new courses that might also fulfill this requirement):
o Flash Photography
o Studio Lighting (Basic or Advanced)
• A post processing course (At least one from the following presently offered courses. Check with your advisor for new courses that might also fulfill this requirement):
o Adobe Photoshop Elements I
o Adobe Photoshop Elements II
o Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
o Adobe Photoshop for Photographers I
o Adobe Photoshop for Photographers II
• Portfolio Development and Presentation
• Essential Digital Color Printing
• Three additional Samford After Sundown photography courses of the students choosing
To successfully complete a class:
• Students must attend a minimum of 80% of the class sessions. (Note: Leaving at the break is considered a half class.)
• Students must present work in each photography review program that immediately follows a completed “shooting” class.
Portfolio Requirements:
The student will present a portfolio of exactly twenty images. Five of the images will be in a series. The remaining fifteen will demonstrate mastery in a variety of subject areas; especially those in which the student has taken courses.
• All twenty images will be included in a well presented digital portfolio.
• At least ten of the images will be matted, archival quality prints.
• The five images in a series must be among the printed images.
• The prints must have been printed by the student.
• The student will present an artist statement that is:
o Well written and original
o Printed on high quality linen paper
o Attractively displayed
Other Requirements for the Certificate:
Upon satisfactory completion of the requirements, certificate candidates will submit their portfolio for judging. To qualify for the certificate, the student portfolio must pass the judges with an average score of 70% or higher.
The candidate must select an advisor from among the photography instructors at Samford After Sundown.
The advisor must be selected at least six months prior to application for the certificate so that the advisor has ample opportunity to counsel and direct the student in the finishing stages of the process.
The advisor may not serve as a judge on the portfolio review for any student he/she advised.
Certificate Award Ceremonies
Certificate Award Ceremonies are held during the two annual photography review programs.
Guidelines and Governing Covenants
The guidelines (this document) for the Certificate of Achievement in Photography will change from time to time. The candidate for the certificate will be governed by the guidelines which are in effect on the date the student selects an advisor. The current version of the guidelines is version 2.4 dated January, 2010.

Here's a recent picture of my two favorite models! I love them!

Oh and I made these mint meringue cookies for our YW New Beginning Activity today. I think they turned out really cute and I'm quite proud of myself!

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Stacie said...

wow wow wow what a wonderful christmas present!!!! mm the mint meringues look super delish! you should post the recipe. Or I can google it but its nice to have a for sure recipe that has already been made by someone you trust. If you are able to come to my wedding in april you are more than welcome to take whatever pix you want to use for your class , or anything!