Thursday, June 24, 2010

12 months ago today, the secret came out! Happy Birthday Kalai!

I can't believe one year ago today I gave birth to this most beautiful wonderful baby!!! I love you Kalai!!! Happy First Birthday! ♥ I still can't believe that we were able to keep the gender a secret. Here's are some more pictures of her on her first day of life.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine, Willow, and her little boy, Liam, drove all the way from Birmingham to Elkmont to visit us today for Kalai's Birthday! That's a little over an hour and a half drive. We went out to eat at Maria Bonita's, went around the town square, let the babies play in the kiddie pool, and had a impromptu photo shoot! Thanks Willow for coming to visit us!!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

June Bug's 1st Birthday Party!

My little June Bug celebrated her first birthday with the Brown side of the family this weekend. We celebrated a bit early since she had two uncles who traveled from out of state visiting this weekend. She had a combined birthday party with her great grandma who turned 89 and the theme was Over the Hill and Under the Hill :) Haha, actually the real theme was June Bug! Thanks for everyone who attended and who helped make the day so special and memorable! Of course I have to include pictures of the birthday girl!!!

The picture above is of a poor deprived little girl who has never had any sugar or junk food and doesn't know what to do with a cupcake :)

Hmmm....the frosting doesn't taste too bad....

Lets get down to business!

Opening some of her presents! Thanks everyone!

Family Photo

Michael and I can't imagine our lives without Kalai. She brings a special spirit, joy and happiness into our home and our lives! Happy Early Birthday! Let the festivities begin!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 years ago today.....

Five years ago today Nicole and I entered the MTC to served an 18 month volunteer church mission to Tulsa, Oklahoma and to Toronto, Canada!!! I am so thankful I was able to go on a mission and teach the people of Toronto the gospel of Jesus Christ about the restoration of the gospel through a modern-day prophet. I was able to teach people about The Bible and The Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Jesus Christ written by prophets living in the central America area. If anyone who reads my blog is interested in receiving a free Bible or Book or Mormon- check out this website,

Things I miss about Toronto. -Sharing my testimony of the gospel everyday. -Tracting -District Meetings & Zone Meetings -Teaching English class. -The multiculturalness. -The friends I made. -Learning little phrases in different languages. -The public transportation. -More, More & More!!!

I know that my mission changed me and I will be forever grateful that I was called to serve to the Toronto East Mission! Can't wait till I can take my family back to visit someday!

Memorial Day was great! A bunch of friends, The Wrights, Edwards, Atwoods and our family had a bbq/potluck. The kids looked absolutely adorable in their matching red, white and blue outfits!

Michael has begun his internship. He began last week. Everyday it is so nice to see him come home and see how excited he is about all that he is learning. He is clerkshipping for two district and two circuit judges and also doing some Spanish Interpreting. He is gaining experience in so many different kinds of law. One day it might be family court, then drug court, then traffic court, or maybe criminal. Michael stays busy doing research and also joining the judges in the courtroom.

Oh and I got me some PINK! My friend uses it and I tried it and absolutely loved it. I got fun and flirty and warm and cozy.

I posted a couple of videos of the kids of memorial day, Kalai playing chase with her friend, and her playing games and giggling. I also included a video that is about ten seconds of something I filmed out here that is a southern treat. Can you tell what is going on? I hope everyone had a fun and safe memorial day! I am so thankful to be able to live in the Land of the Free and the Brave!