Monday, June 14, 2010

June Bug's 1st Birthday Party!

My little June Bug celebrated her first birthday with the Brown side of the family this weekend. We celebrated a bit early since she had two uncles who traveled from out of state visiting this weekend. She had a combined birthday party with her great grandma who turned 89 and the theme was Over the Hill and Under the Hill :) Haha, actually the real theme was June Bug! Thanks for everyone who attended and who helped make the day so special and memorable! Of course I have to include pictures of the birthday girl!!!

The picture above is of a poor deprived little girl who has never had any sugar or junk food and doesn't know what to do with a cupcake :)

Hmmm....the frosting doesn't taste too bad....

Lets get down to business!

Opening some of her presents! Thanks everyone!

Family Photo

Michael and I can't imagine our lives without Kalai. She brings a special spirit, joy and happiness into our home and our lives! Happy Early Birthday! Let the festivities begin!


Emily Hope said...

I can't believe that she is a year old!!! I remember coming over to say goodbye and holding a brand new little baby!

The Udall's said...

Aww! What a little lady she's turning out to be! I hope you guys had a great time celebrating her 1st year!