Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Coming soon....

This is Michael. We are expecting a new addition to our family!!! We are keeping the gender a secret but if anybody has any guesses we'd love to hear from you. If you have already guessed this would be a good place to post it again so we can keep track of everybodys' guesses. The pregnancy is going great. Carissa has hardly been sick the whole time. We've had lots of fun learning more about the pregnancy and our baby. If anyone wants to give any name suggestions we will look at those too. We can't wait to finally hold Baby Brown!
Ultrasounds forthcoming.

Monday, March 9, 2009

St. George Vacation

This weekend I planned a surprise trip for Michael! On Friday we began our trip to Southern Utah. It took us about 3 hours to get to Cedar City where we spent one night. We went up to SUU and watched their gymnastics team compete and then the next morning we headed up to St. George. First thing we did in St. George was go to a famous Dinosaur Museum. That was really neat cause they have some pretty awesome footprints. Then we checked a ton of the church historical sites. We went to Brigham Young's Winter Home,had a picnic outside of the St. George Temple, visited The Tabernacle (and stood at the pulpit where every prophet has spoken besides Joseph Smith and President Monson)toured Jacob Hamblin's House (he was a peacemaker and missionary to the local Indians). After all that sightseeing, we met up with Michael's old mission companion, Craig Rodriguez, and his family and went to InNout. How I miss that place! It was so good that we just had to hit it up twice. It was really fun to hear Michael and his old mission companion speak Spanish and tell stories from their missions. The next day we did a self guided tour through the city and saw the house where the prophet and apostles used to hid when there was persecution against the church. We also checked out the old county jail and Orson Pratt's house. Then went to a Ghost Town called Silver Reef. It was crazy cause we could still see a ton of broken glass from where there used to be saloons. On our way back we checked out the Mountain Meadow Massacre site outside of Cedar City. They had two really nice monuments. Then, as we headed back north, we stopped in Beaver, Utah ( a tiny town where a lot of my extended family is from) and ate at the local restaurant Arshel's which has been run by my extended family for years. We fit in a lot in one weekend. We really enjoyed our little vacation there and I highly recommend everyone visiting St. George. There is a ton to do. Also, we went to and bid on a hotel. We paid 66 dollars a night for a hotel thats original rate is 209 dollars a night. Yay for vacations!