Thursday, June 24, 2010

12 months ago today, the secret came out! Happy Birthday Kalai!

I can't believe one year ago today I gave birth to this most beautiful wonderful baby!!! I love you Kalai!!! Happy First Birthday! ♥ I still can't believe that we were able to keep the gender a secret. Here's are some more pictures of her on her first day of life.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine, Willow, and her little boy, Liam, drove all the way from Birmingham to Elkmont to visit us today for Kalai's Birthday! That's a little over an hour and a half drive. We went out to eat at Maria Bonita's, went around the town square, let the babies play in the kiddie pool, and had a impromptu photo shoot! Thanks Willow for coming to visit us!!!


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Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Kalai! Love your new pictures- hope you have an amazing first birthday! XOXO