Monday, October 31, 2011


Whew, we made it through our ultrasound without finding out! If you want to make a guess, leave a comment, and we will see who is right when this baby is born! And for your viewing pleasure...(drumroll) is our ultrasound video. Oh BOY! Or should I say, "Oh Girl!?!" We sure do love this baby already and watching it wiggle around just made my heart melt. Can't wait to meet baby #2!

And what is a blog post without pictures of my daughter???

As previously mentioned, Kalai had a couple Halloween customes that she wore to different activities this year. Here she is modeling her costumes. We had a great Halloween this year which included a trunk or treat, a carnival, treat or treating in a neighborhood that closed off the road and gave away treats for the adults too, (grilled hotdogs, sandwiches, cheese and crackers, chips, etc...) trick or treating at Public's Grocery Store and last but not least we hosted a fun Halloween playgroup for the kiddos this morning!

Happy Halloween!


Sarah said...

For some reason I totally think it's a boy :)

Stacie said...

Im going to guess girl even though I think it is going to be a boy. I cant believe you guys are not going to find out! I would never do that to myself..unless i had one of each already. Maybe.

Nicole said...

I think it's a boy! But I might change my mind! The video is adorable, love it already!