Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Videos of Preston-My Deaf/Blind Student

As many of you know, this past year I was employed by the State of Utah as a Communication Intervener for the Deaf and Blind. I was assigned to work with a boy named Preston. I got permission from his mother to video tape and post videos of him at a summer camp that I am helping him transition to, so here is some of the footage I got of him. See how smart he is for yourself! I'm telling you, he is a genius! It was so much fun working with him all of this school year helping him learn new American Sign Language Vocabulary, spelling, typing, counting money, telling time, reading and so much more! He was really the most social kid and all the children in the school just loved him. He has the best smile and laugh. I'm gonna miss working with him but am so glad that I have some videos of him to help me remember what a special boy he is! All three videos are different even though it looks the same at the beginning.

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Julie said...

What a sweetheart! And I can tell he is smart! (He must have had an exceptionally brilliant helper this year!) :)