Friday, July 24, 2009

Kalai's travel dairy...

Kalai’s Travel Diary
July 21st- I left my lifelong home in Orem, Utah and spent the night in a Rawlins, Wyoming hotel room. Along the way I saw bison and passed through Fort Bridger, Wyoming (a trading post along the Mormon pioneer trail). I was a good girl.

July 22nd- We left Wyoming and cruised through Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri. My daddy just kept driving and driving and his only break was a power nap in a Missouri gas station parking lot. We went through Council Bluffs, Iowa and I learned that I’d been sorta following the Oregon Trail. My great, great, great… grandpa, William Wood, marched from Council Bluffs to San Diego with the Mormon Battalion. It made me glad I was in a car instead, but there was a small bit of drama during a brief stop when my parents tried to stick me back in my carseat before I was ready. Once they saw the error of their ways, things went well. I was a good girl.

July 23rd- Today was another big day. I crossed the Mississippi River. I saw the Gateway arch in St. Louis. It was a little blurry through the back of my eyelids. I also went to Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee before I got to see my grandparents in Elkmont, Alabama. I was such a good girl.

July 24th- My one month birthday and I’m already seasoned traveler!

Note from Carissa: My daughter has got me beat by about 20 years with how many states she's been in. We made it safe and sound to Sweet Home Alabama! We miss Utah and our friends and family but am excited for our new adventure ahead!

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The Green Family said...

It is nothing short of a miracle that you all made it in such good time and so cheerfully. I've made that trip several times and it's hard without a newborn and a U-Haul!!!!Kalai is precious and we are so glad to have you here! Aunt Betsy