Wednesday, January 6, 2010

38 days of Vacation!!!

My Family from

Kalai and I have been on vacation for 38 wonderful days (29 in California and 9 in Northern Alabama)!!! Wow, that is by far the longest vacation I have ever been on. We have not gone to church in our own ward (congregation) for six Sundays in a row. We have loved visiting with our family and extended family. Nicole and Ben came from Utah and in Alabama all of Michael's siblings came for the holidays. Kalai has now been to Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, California and Nevada. That's 14 states in 6 months. By the time I was 16, the furthest place I had ever visited was Texas to visit my Aunt. This girl has seen the world! It is really nice being a stay-at-home mom and not having to ask for vacation time. I think Michael had a nice relaxing much-needed break from law school and is now ready to hit the books. He is taking Evidence, Property, Contracts, and Civil Procedure. Today we are heading back to Birmingham...I can't even remember what it is like sleeping in my own bed.
Here's an overview of what we did!
* WICKED*Creche Festival*Went to an Opera House play*Kalai sat on Santa's lap for the first time*CrepeVille Restaurant*In-N-Out*Pier 39*Hard Rock Cafe* First Friday* Roasted Chestnuts*Christmas Parties*Reclette*Trader Joe's* Outlet Shopping*Sacramento Temple Wedding*Reno* Mission Companion's Wedding Reception*Mongolian Grill*Spent time with friends and Family*
Good times, good times.

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Alabama won the Rose Bowl against Texas and are now the National Champions! It is an exciting time to be living here in Alabama. It is a whole other world down here. I would say on an average day half of the people I see are wearing either a Alabama t-shirt. There are some loyal fans down here. It's intense.

Also, tell me, if this sounds a little suspicious. The day of the Alabama game, a ton of schools announced that they would be closed because of snow the next day. The next morning, Michael woke me up to tell me that it was snowing. He pulled open the curtains to show me and honesty, I couldn't see any flakes. I looked on the ground and yes, there were a few patches of snow here and there. But still school was cancelled, and people all over the state were sent home from their jobs. Hmmmm.....sounds like to me the people of Alabama just needed an excuse for a day off so that they could stay up late to watch the game, then sleep in and not have to go to their jobs. They should have just made it a state holiday. And why shouldn't they? They did win after all :) What do you think? I can't complain though. My mother-in-law was sent home from her teaching job at the local campus so we got to spend some extra time with her.

That's all for now. Here's to a fantastic 2010!!!


Anonymous said...

That was a fun entry to read. We sure had a great time with your little family. Mom

Anonymous said...

Your vacation sounds exhausting but FUN!!! Welcome back to Birmingham! Betsy

Joanne said...

Hi Carissa, Its Joanne Pizzo, well technically Joanne Johnson now. I just read your blog and wanted to tell you your daughter is so cute. She looks just like you! I hope you are doing great!