Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everthing I needed to know, I learned from Mama!

Don't Tell Me I Never Taught Her Anything Useful! You know the thing where you flick your bottom lip and it makes a funny noise. Well, if you promise not to notice the messy bed, you can watch Kalai do it. I taught her everything she knows! Haha. Oh and sorry, the video is so blurry cause I taped it on my cell phone so I'm not sure you can even tell what she is doing. But she will also do it on my mouth too. In the video she does it only for a second cause she has an obsession with my cell phone so she gets distracted by it.

Ok. Time for me to tell you some PRACTICAL stuff that Michael and I have taught her. She can now also sign more and finished! She says, "Da Da" and "Bye Bye" "weeeee". We discovered this randomly when we were shopping at the Piggly Wiggly. We were gonna walk home so Michael asked her to say Bye and she did! She can drink from a sippy cup and wave hi. In the mornings, when she is done feeding, she will roll over in bed, grab Michael and say "hi". She is crawling on her hands now not just the army crawl. She is pulling up onto objects, letting go and actually balancing for about 10 seconds sometimes! For all the skills she is quickly mastering, this is one I'm so totally not ready for! My baby girl is growing up so fast. She began the crawling on hands, saying "da da" and balancing all just on Sunday. That's three milestones in one day! Impressive.
My photography business is having a great start! I downloaded some pictures of the Green Family on Carissasphotography.blogspot.com and also above in this blog. They were a beautiful and happy family and I believe we captured that well. I had another photo shoot this past weekend so I will be editing those and posting them soon. I absolutely have enjoyed everything about getting this business together!
Anyways, that's all for now. We have been busy with life and lovin' it!