Monday, April 5, 2010

Kalai's 1st Easter


Happy Easter!!! It was so fun celebrating Kalai's first Easter. We celebrated with Michael's parents. Here are some of the traditions we established.
* Dye Easter Eggs, Family Meal, Candy trail leading to Easter Basket, Easter Egg Hunt, Family Photos, Golden Egg, and Lesson on Christ's Resurrection.
Kalai got the cutest easter basket. It was her first Vera Bradley bag and we used it as an easter basket. Check out Vera It's really big down South. We filled it with Banana puffs (her treat for finding the Golden Egg), lots of hair bows, sippy cups, a stuffed animal (lamb) from Daddy, a book (Blue Bird's Nest) and my mom sewed Kalai a homemade stuffed Teddy Bear. See picture below of Kalai cuddling with....hmmm...well, we haven't named it yet. Any suggestions? It was so much fun to dress Kalai up as the Easter Bunny all week and to take her out to look for the eggs. As you can tell from the pictures, she really got the hang of it!


Happy Easter Everyone! I always enjoy this Spring Season where I can reflect on Christ's Life, Death and Resurrection!
P.S. Kalai can now say Uh-Oh ( the whole thing, not just UH and she says it at the appropriate times) and boo (when she wants to play peek-a-boo).


Aaron and Grace said...

Sooo cute Carissa!!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that she gets more and more bootiful?

anoyce said...

That last picture of her is darling. I absolutely love it!