Thursday, April 29, 2010

La La Land at the Park!

Yesterday, we went to the park with a couple of friends. I love pushing Kalai on the swing cause she laughs so hard! I was telling them how Kalai is so active that she never really falls asleep in unusual places like in a high chair or something. Anyways, I was talking to them having a good old time and I looked over at Kalai and noticed her eyes were getting droopy. She fell asleep in the swing and stayed there for around twenty minutes! So of course, all I had with me was my cell phone so here is another bad quality video and a cell pic of her falling asleep on the swing but it was so adorable that I had to capture the moment!


Ash and Matt said...

Kalai is so stinking cute! I can't believe how much bigger she is now that when we saw her in the fall. What a pretty little girl!

The Udall's said...

That's hilarious! The swing is very relaxing!