Thursday, February 18, 2010

Army Crawling Video!


So here is my little LoveBug showing off her new mobile skills. She went from scooting to army crawling and now she is able to put a little more weight up on her arms so she will be crawling any day now! I absolutely love it when I am walking around the room and she will twist and turn until she is facing me or when she army crawls up to me and then puts her hands up to tell me that she wants to me held! Love her! Now I just need to baby proof my place!

Thanks Everyone for your advice about how to help Kalai gain some weight. I was hoping I would get some when I posted. I am still breastfeeding Kalai and she is very much a social drinker...a little here...a little there all day long but I would say I am still feeding her about 5 times a day. I'm gonna try BF her before I give her the solids instead of after, maybe that will help? Thanks for your support! I'll keep you updated.


Stacie said...

so cute! wood floors make it tons easier to slide i bet ;-)

Natalie said...


Karalee said...

Cute video. You are going to be busy soon.

Nursing first should help. When Joshua was that age, I would nurse about 5 times a day, and he would get 1 bottle right before bed, and I would feed him solids at meal times (because it wasn't his nap times), but I would do the solids after he nursed so I made sure he didn't skip his milk for the more fun stuff. He never got chunky (except his cheeks), but he did catch up quite a few percentiles.

Julie said...

So much preciousness!

russandsarahbrown said...

Yay! That is awesome! She is adorable! We miss her! So give her lots of hugs and kisses for us...that is if you can catch her. :) Love you guys!