Sunday, February 21, 2010


For Christmas Michael and I received a web cam from my aunt and uncle so that we could go on skype with our friends and family. So if any of you have skype and want to chit chat send me an email or leave me a message with your user name and I'll add you! Now I'll leave you with some cute pictures of my fam!

Flexible baby doing the splits...I wonder where she gets that from?

Bubble Bath Baby

San Fran
Here she is trying to sip out a straw for the first time.

The first time she ever saw snow was in Reno, Nevada
Cutie Husband doing the raclette.

Playing with Bubbles from her Aunt Nicole & Uncle Ben
More Bubbles!
She's posing.

Ta Da! Finishing her dance moves with daddy!

Family Photo taken at the Sacramento LDS Temple.



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Natalie said...

Skype! I'm so happy you have it. So fun to see your sweet faces!