Saturday, February 13, 2010

California Love!

Here are some additional pictures taken during our trip to California. We recently got internet at our place so now I will be able to update our blog more frequently. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day so I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating. I know I'm excited to celebrate with my two Valentines!!!
Sacramento LDS Temple Family Photos
Taken on Christmas Eve

Wicked was so WICKED!

Kalai PortraitsBikini Baby

Rub-a-dub-dub- I love bath time photos! Check out the awesome ducky my mom got her. It glows!
Grandpa love.....I love this sequence. Who's copying who?

Daddy/daughter bonding. This was taken the night Michael flew into California. He hadn't seen Kalai in a week and a half & she could not take her eyes off of him!!!
Cuddling with Grandma Familia

Picture with Santa

Good times at Slide Hill Park
I love my polar bear!
Kalai with her ornament at the ornament exchange.

Beautiful baby

Eating Solids for the 1st time.

Exhausted after a long and fun time in California!!!

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Natalie said...

One of my Christmas photo CDs was defective so I haven't been able to see all the pics yet, so I'm happy you posted some here. I can't stand not being able to kiss that boot face.